About The Project


The Name

This website originally came from my stories on my Tumblr blog! I chose the name based on  a reference to one of my favorite games, Halo: Reach. One of the campaign levels is named 'Once More, Unto the Breach' and I felt it was fitting, seeing as it's a desperate last attempt to salvage a broken world.


The Story

Well, I can't say much, seeing as I'm still forging the world and story, but on this website, some stories may be connected as one cannon/world, and others may be one-offs. Hints are littered everywhere if you're the sleuth type! 

About The Madman

My Work

I've always loved writing! When I was little, I'd write pages upon pages of stories and comics! I just love making worlds and characters! This is one of the first times I've put my serious work on the web (I'm looking at you, edgy Wattpad phase!). I am so excited for this opportunity to put my stuff out there and entertain you all! I hope my tales live up to your expectations!

My Community

I've always loved having people to interact with and give me opinions and discuss my work. I sincerely can't wait to talk to all of you! This website is something that has been in the works for a long time because I wanted to have a community that could freely interact with my world and settings! So I wish that you, as the reader, take advantage of that and immerse yourself in this universe I've created!

Join My Journey

Reading and enjoying my stories is enough to support me! However, if you'd like, you can follow my Instagram or even join my Patreon for exclusive perks and extra content! It is completely optional, and I am grateful to anyone who reads my stories!